Develop. Grow. Lead.

You deserve to thrive in your role.

You’re ready to live out your professional vision. You have some experience under your belt, and you are ready to expand your options. You know that you want to increase your efficacy, impact, and work towards building your legacy.

But, you're not quite sure where to start. 

Develop. Grow. Lead. understands that while our 9-5 roles may give us the opportunity to add to our resume, we don't often get the time to work towards our personal goals. This 6-week program offers women the time, space, tools, and community they need to thoughtfully, thoroughly, and strategically launch their leadership into the next desired level.


Do you want to:

In our six weeks together, we will take you from surviving to thriving in the workplace.


Week 1: Thinking Ahead

This week you’ll establish a powerful, purpose-driven goal for yourself. I’ll show you how to honor and embrace your passion by crafting a goal statement that you feel deeply connected to. You’ll come away with practices to help you embody your vision and move forward with ease and conviction.

Week 2: Holistic Approach 

As leaders, we have to examine ourselves with a holistic perspective. This week you'll start the work towards getting a total view of who you are, what your skills are, and areas where you may need to consider growth. 

Week 3: Redefining Relationships

Many of us have led teams where the relationships weren't the strongest. Whether you are a veteran at building relationships, or you're a newbie trying to navigate the way - this week will give you the tools to understanding those you lead. 

Week 4: Introspection for Understanding

Things can shift when we are under pressure or feeling stressed. During this week, we'll explore how to maintain your effectiveness in tough situations. 

Week 5: Visualizing your Environment

Our environment is essential to our growth. In what type of environment do you work best? In what type of environment do you feel your progress is stifled? This week, we'll assess the necessary steps to ensure your environment supports your productivity. 

Week 6: Executing your Vision 

As we finish our time together, we'll create a plan for your next steps. Whether you're seeking a promotion, or looking to enhance where you currently lead - you will put each week's work together and craft a vision for your leadership.



Program Details 


6 Group Coaching Calls

Private Community Facebook Group

Weekly Worksheets and Focus Areas

How the program rolls out:


Before our first call together, I’ll have each of you fill out a welcome questionnaire to set your intentions and clarify vision for the next six weeks. We’ll kick things off on the evening of Thursday, May 27th (at 7pm EST) where we’ll get to know each other, talk about your goals, and dive right into the first module!
We’ll continue to meet virtually every Thursday night for the next six weeks where as I take you through powerful lessons and materials during our video calls. Before our calls, I’ll invite you to make a warm cup of tea, put on those comfy clothes, and settle in for a transformational experience.
You’ll also be part of our private Facebook group where you can chat with everyone in the program, receive guidance and feedback, and support each other on this journey. I will also be answering questions in the group throughout our time together and cheering you on.
Our program will be 100% virtual so you can join us from anywhere!
The Investment
This program will transform the way you think about leadership, and help you elevate your relationship with yourself and your work. The investment for the six week coaching program including all of the resources listed above is $497 USD inclusive of all taxes and fees. Simply click the link below to register!
Meet Your Instructor
With over a decade of leadership experience in both the nonprofit and corporate sectors, Dr.Tamara W. Dias is a mission-driven educator with a passion of cultivating leaders. She believes that when individuals take time to cultivate their leadership skills and pour into themselves, they are better leaders for those they serve.
Dr. Dias is the founder of TWD Coaching and Consulting, and has worked with individuals and teams in developing their skills and talents.