• Tamara Dias

4 Myths About Motivation

"I really want to (insert any goal you've had), but I lack the motivation to stick with it!"

Have you ever said that?

I know I've said it many times. Over the years, I've learn that while motivation is powerful, it's not entirely necessary. Motivation makes it easier to take action, but you take plenty of actions without the presence of traditional motivation.

… and 2020 has shown me just how easy it is to lose motivation.

Though I’m not motivated every day, I really wanted to explore what this idea of “motivation” was. We talk about it a lot, but there are plenty of times where we find success without motivation. For example, you might not be excited about doing a report at work, but at some point, the anxiety of not getting it done becomes worse than just doing the work.

Today, I’m sharing a few myths around motivation.

Myth: Motivation is all that matters. If you’ve ever been a person who started a goal and then “lost motivation” along the way, then you know this is true. Motivation isn't all that we need to reach our goals. We have to create habits that will lead us down a path towards getting things done.

Myth: You can’t do anything without motivation. You can’t? Are you excited to go to your job each day? Probably not. Are you thrilled to get out of bed each day? Unlikely. There are plenty of things you can do whether you’re motivated or not. Each day, we accomplish many goals without the presence of motivation.

Myth: You shouldn’t do it if you’re not motivated to do it. Do you think the best athletes in the world only train when they feel like it? Do you think bestselling authors only write when they're in a "writing mood"? The most successful people in every field go to work and get busy every day. They don’t wait until they feel like doing it. They just do it in spite of how they happen to feel.

Myth: Motivation is always available. Motivation isn’t always on-tap. There are days you feel motivated and some days you’d rather just quit. It’s hard to predict when you’re going to feel motivated. The best policy is to make a decision to put in the work whether you feel like it or not.

There are SO many times where I'm not motivated to complete certain tasks. Whether it’s a 6am workout or finishing a project for work, I have to push past my lack of motivation and get it done. Be assured that even when motivation disappears, you can tap into your habits and push through.

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