• Tamara Dias

Have you ever struggled with indecisiveness?

Have you ever heard the saying: “not making a decision is actually making a decision?” As many times as I’ve heard it, you’d think I’d receive it a little better. But, each time I get a little annoyed, because I know it can be a struggle of mine.

I know my personality type, and I tend to move pretty quickly. I’m usually fast with my decisions. Other times, it can take me months just to take action on something that I’ve been thinking about. While my fear of the unknown keeps me from making up my mind, I like to think that I’m buying myself more time. Instead, I’m just keeping myself from accomplishing what I want.

Then I hear that phrase in my head: By not making a decision, you’re actually making a decision.

I realized that by not making a decision, I’ve said yes to:

  • Staying where I am

  • Keeping myself from progress

  • Taking a step forward

Have you been in this position before? If you have, I’m happy to share what’s worked for me.

One of the things that has helped me is reminding myself that if I’m waiting on things to be 100% perfect, then I’ll never take action. In situations where I’m really nervous or unsure of the outcome, I start off by taking one small action. That small action leads to another, and eventually I’m moving forward towards my goal. Starting off small is my key to how I do everything.

I’m not saying that taking a step means that I’m fearless. I’m usually terrified. But, it does get easier with time. How can you prioritize making just one small decision towards a goal you have for yourself?

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