• Tamara Dias

Overwhelmed and Over It

Last week, I found myself spiraling in a really negative space. I was overwhelmed with everything I had on my to-do list, and then I got even more overwhelmed as I tried to think in advance. I looked towards the next month and I lost it. I’m talking - ugly cry in the bathroom during my lunch break- losing it.

I was OVER IT all.

I share that, because I know I’m not alone. We are all navigating these current times and it’s hard. I also share, because the only thing I could do to pull myself out of that space was to stop thinking ahead. I know. That goes against EVERYTHING I believe as a Type-A planner. I plan everything. But, one thing that 2020 has shown me is that my plans really can be thrown off instantly.

I’m learning flexibility (even though I don’t like it).

I wanted to remind you today to take things slowly. Some people say one day at a time, but for me, I’ve had to take it hour by hour. The simple thought of trying to plan ahead and get some type of structure has done nothing but make me more frustrated. I refuse to stay in that space of frustration, so I’m going to change my pace.

I invite you to do the same.

When you feel overwhelmed today, this week, or this month, just slow your pace. I struggle with slowing down, because I get caught up in being productive. Covid-19 has taught me that it’s perfectly okay to not have everything planned out. I also know that it’s also okay to have everything planned out, but things still don’t go as planned. It happens. Everyday is a chance for me to be more flexible.

Find peace in knowing that you are showing up in the very best way you can.

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