• Tamara Dias

Working from Home: A Tale of Leggings, A Couch, and Sunlight

As most of my teacher-friends begin another school year, I wanted to share some tips that have worked well for me while working-from-home. Many of us quickly discovered that remote work was kinda tough during a pandemic, and we had to find ways to still get things done.

I settled into a nice rhythm of showing myself some grace, while also holding myself accountable. It was important for me to realize that while work needed to be accomplished, working during Covid-19 was something totally different than anything I ever knew. Well, different than any of us ever knew.

I created a list of some tips that helped me accomplish my work for the day, without feeling overwhelmed. I’m excited to share them with you.

1. Get a dedicated workspace. Shoutout to everyone (like) me who tried to work from the coach and realized it didn’t work. It became hard for me to work in the same place I watched my Scandal marathons. Getting a workspace that was reserved for work-related activities was necessary.

2. Get dressed. I’m a fan of leggings and a hoodie. It was my favorite outfit for the entire month of March. But, I realized that wearing those clothes definitely made it harder on my productivity. I made it a goal to get “dressed” three days a week. This helped my overall mindset when it came to getting things done.

3. Go outside. Midday walks became one of my favorite activities! Even though this summer was extra hot, I enjoyed the sunshine during the middle of the day. I needed some sunlight away from video meeting screens.

An added tip is to exercise. Y’all already know that I exercise 5 days each week, and it does wonders for my overall effectiveness. I exercise in the mornings, and I find that it gives me enough energy to get through the day. Bonus: I feel SUPER accomplished before 7am.

I’m interested in knowing what has worked for you? What tips have been successful as you’ve adjusted to working from home?

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