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Your Path to Success

Let's break down your path to successful leadership. Here are some of my practical guides that lead you, step-by-step, through motivational strategies to achieving your goals. You don't have to go it alone. Get ready to level-up today! 


Get It Done Guide

Do you find yourself mentally done at 2pm? I can relate. I know what it feels like to lose that motivation you had at 8am, and and then gulp down coffee at 2:30pm just to keep things moving. 

Here are my top 13 tips to help you FINALLY get things done.


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Secure Your Ideal Mentor

A mentor can be an important person in your leadership journey who serves as a listening ear and an opportunity to grow your network. 

But, how do you make sure your mentor is a good fit?

This guide gives you tips and strategies to ensure your mentoring relationship is beneficial in growing you as a leader. 

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Pre-Order NOW: 

A release from Mitchell Productions, Dr. Tamara Dias will be a co-author in this applicable, relevant, and relatable anthology ​for emerging leaders.

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