Fall in Love with Mondays

You know that feeling you get on Monday morning?

That eye roll you give when your alarm goes off?

The slow steps you take to the bathroom to get ready for the day, but you've already mentally started counting down until Friday?!

I've been there.

I know it doesn't have to feel like this. 

Join me for a webinar and I'll share about finding a role that's your perfect fit! 

fall in love with mondays again (1).png

The Covid-19 pandemic has allowed many of us the chance to examine our current career path, and if it's really where we want to be. This has led to a TON of people wanting to make a change. If you are looking to decide on what to do next, or simply want some insight into selecting a role that aligns with your talents and skills, this webinar is for you. 



You'll walk away from this webinar with: 

  • insight into the four personality types

  • key components of each type

  • roles that align with each type, and

  • how to apply the key characteristics in your job search.

I look forward to seeing you on the 26th! Register using the link below.