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1:1 Power Hour Session

Looking for a 1-hour solution to your leadership challenges?

1:1 Overcoming Leadership Challenges Coaching

This Power Hour is a tailored opportunity to gain instant feedback and insight into one area where you need the most support.

Choose one topic from the following focus areas:

  • Maximizing strengths and improving weaknesses

  • Goal-setting and planning

  • Networking and relationship-building

  • Communication strategies and tips

  • Teamwork and team supervision

  • Overall clarity and vision ​

And we do this all in a safe space. For too long, women of color in leadership roles have had to navigate the barriers of sexism and racism in the workplace. When you work with me, you are guaranteed to learn in a welcoming environment where you can bring your full self. 

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Thank you for reaching out! I'll get back to you soon and in the meantime, I'm cheering you on, Tamara.
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