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Boss Up: How To Be Seen, Heard, and Valued

Are you Ready to Take the Next Step?

3-Month 1:1 Personalized
Empowerment Coaching Program

This program is for high-achieving women who desire to lead with clarity, confidence, and courage.

This program is for you if you:

  • Want to show up authentically in your leadership role, 

  • Are done with wasting time and money navigating your career journey on your own, 

  • Refuse to wait on your company or organization to create custom professional development (news flash: they probably won’t!)

  • Are ready to get out of your own way and thrive in your role without burnout

This program is divided into three phases:

  • Assess: Get a full scope of who you are as a leader. You’ll take a research-based assessment and receive a customized report highlighting your leadership style and attributes. 

  • Align: Next, we put the pieces together by considering how your leadership qualities fit with your goals. We’ll focus on the various strengths you bring into your position and how these strengths can propel you to where you want to be. 

  • Act: In this final phase, you’ll create a strategic plan for your next steps. Whether that looks like building your team or further developing your leadership capacity, you’ll walk away with concrete next steps towards your leadership goals.

What you get:

  • 6 One-on-One Executive Strategy Sessions: These sessions will walk you through the steps in my signature Boss Up Framework to support your goals. We’ll also work through any challenges you’re currently facing in your role. 

  • Coaching Accountability: Sometimes we have steps and habits, but we need external support to implement them. Throughout this program, I will be your go-to accountability partner and ensure that you are making progress through the coaching framework. 

  • Detailed Assessment Tool: You will have access to a research-driven tool to give unique insights into your leadership style and behaviors. This assessment will be helpful during the first two phases of our work together.

  • Leadership Development Plan: All leaders have a plan for themselves. Our sessions will help outline practices needed to grow you into the thriving and successful leader you desire to be. 

  • Access to voice messaging: We will connect using Voxer, where you can message me with questions or thoughts that you have throughout our time together. You’ll be able to get additional support outside of our coaching sessions.

And we do this all in a safe space. For too long, women of color in leadership roles have had to navigate the barriers of sexism and racism in the workplace. When you work with me, you are guaranteed to learn in a welcoming environment where you can bring your full self. 


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