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Empowering women to push beyond imposter syndrome and walk boldly in their talents.


Who I Am

For over a decade, I’ve supported organizations, teams, and individuals to increase their efficacy and impact without burnout. In short – I bring in the expertise to save you time and money, while you focus on the mission. 


I do this work through empowering women in all levels of leadership. As someone who’s been in the c-suite, I know how it feels to lack the support necessary to thrive in your role. I know what it’s like to watch time pass by and feel like you’re making no progress towards your goals. I’ve lived a life that was unfulfilling, and my goal is to keep others from doing the same. You can and deserve to thrive in your work!


I launched my coaching and consulting practice to help women own their talents, lead with confidence, and ditch burnout in their work. Not only do I hold a doctorate in leadership, but I’ve also been recognized as one of the nation’s top leaders by Forbes Magazine (twice!) – so I know a little somethin’ about leading for impact.



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Personalized Empowerment Coaching

 Do you want to lead with clarity, confidence, and courage? Learn how my personalized empowerment coaching programs can help you achieve your goals.

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 Business Teambuilding

Between remote, hybrid, and in-person work situations, it's been hard at times to keep team communication and morale strong. I work closely with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and non-profits to customize interactive team building workshops that facilitate communication and growth to re-connect and inspire colleagues.

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Empowerment Speaking

Words matter. Especially inspiring words at the right moment. I offer motivational empowerment talks to groups of all sizes.  I discuss share my insights into overcoming a limiting mindset and growing into a bold leader.

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Rerooted and Thriving Podcast

A space to empower and inspire women in leadership to own their voices and lead authentically. We'll focus on professional growth, long-term sustainability, and unpacking the challenges we face in undertaking leadership from entrepreneurship to the boardroom.

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